Erotic Tales





A Regina Ziegler production. (International sales: Atlas Intl., Munich.) Produced by Regina Ziegler.

An Erotic Tale

Directed, written by Dito Tsintsadze.

Directed, written by Bob Rafelson.

On Top Down Under

Directed, written by Fridrik Thor Fridriksson.


An Erotic Tale

With: Silvina Buchbauer, Lasha Bakradze, Tobias Oertel.

With: Rafelson, Fabienne Babe, Trevor Griffiths, Andreas Schmidt, Thomas Morris.






"If it's not erotic, it's not interesting," wrote Spanish playwright Fernando Arrabal, and vet German producer Regina Ziegler has adopted this motto for her ongoing "Erotic Tales" omnibus of naughty shorts by name helmers. Latest batch exposes what's good and not-so-good in series.

Omnibus starts strongly with newest tale from the lab (#26 for those keeping track at home), a droll comedy by Georgian filmmaker Dito Tsintsadze in which a young writer finds himself wooing the woman he's trying to pick up with her recent ex still in the flat.


"Five Easy Pieces" helmer Bob Rafelson delivers a kind of "Boogie Nachte" with DV-shot 25th tale "," in which established filmmaker Matty Bonkers (Rafelson) assumes temporary helming chores on a Third Reich-themed porno shoot with results either humorous or bizarre, depending on individual tolerances.


Tale 19 is Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's pretentious navel-gazer "On Top Down Under," a wordless ballet of desire and death during which a comely Icelandic lass pleasures herself with a large icicle as her former lover in Australia prepares an ingenious death by ice.


An Erotic Tale

Camera (color), Lorenz Haarman; editor, Stefan Krumbiegel; music, Tsintsadze. German dialogue. Running time: 28 MIN.

Camera (color, DV-to-35mm), Bernd Loehr, Frank Amann; editor, Rafelson; music, Peter Rafelson. English dialogue. Running time: 29 MIN.

On Top Down Under

Camera (color), Ari Kristinsson; editors, Sigvaldi J. Karason, Sigridur Margret Thorkelsdottir, Karola Mittelstaedt; music, Tamas Kahane. Running time: 27 MIN.

Reviewed at Montreal World Film Festival (World Cinema: Reflections of Our Time), Aug. 31, 2002. Total running time: 84 MIN.






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